Reflecting March ’14

by Tim Green

I’m sitting here reflecting on how it’s so important to cherish every moment that you have to spend with family and to do the same thing with the experiences that you have musically.
Times and “Seasons” change in the music business. One minute you’re playing in this band and the next year another. I’ve been fortunate enough to play and be around so many great musicians and people.
Sometimes you don’t realize how special some moments are until you look back. For me it was being around and playing with Wayne Shorter while at the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz (2005-2007) . We did some concerts in India and Vietnam. He was an arms distant from me when we played those concerts but I went to his show at the Kennedy Center and I didn’t even want to try to get thru all the security backstage …. lol . That was Wayne Shorter ! Who knows if I’ll be able to play with him again. That experience had an incredible impact on my writing and musicianship.
It’s for a divine purpose when ever God/The Universe brings a set group of people together for a time to play music and be around each other. Your musicianship, hunger for learning and musical influences will bring you around people that think like you. Thats just how the world works. I learn so much from the people that I play with as well as my students.
The most important thing to do is to keep playing, practicing, writing music and work on your humanity because those are the things that bring these opportunities. No matter what you’re talent is .. just stick with it and reach out to people that are doing what you are doing.
I’ve had a great career with so many awesome experiences so far . I look forward to meeting and playing music with so many new people.
Life truly a journey. I’m enjoying the ride.

Many Blessings to Everyone !