Inspiring week of Music in New York (March ’14)

by Tim Green

I’m spending this morning recovering from an incredible week of music in NY.
Started of with The Baylor Project at Smoke . I had a blast playing with Marcus and Jean. Many laughs, great vibes and uplifting music. I’m a fan of their music so to play with them was an extra blessing .
Then I played a Smalls with my group . It was one of the best shows that I’ve ever had . Thanks to Allyn , Corey, Gilad and Matt for putting so my spirit and energy into the music. I’m still riding on that wave . Aaron Parks came through and sat-in on Humpty Dumpty . John Raymond played “Peace” with us.
I can’t wait for ya’ll to hear this music . I’ll post some clips from Smalls this week.
Thanks to everyone who follows me on this page for your support !