October 21, 2012 Darin Atwater 4tet at Douglass Memorial Church

by Tim Green

Musicality, Class, Spirituality, Blues, Swing, Inspiration and Virtuosity are a few words that come to mind after performing with the Darin Atwater 4tet at Douglass Memorial Church. The presentation of all the styles of music from classical, jazz, gospel and blues were presented with excellence. For myself, this concert was a true eye opener and was indeed a performance that made me sit back and think about the true purpose and intent for music. There was a special spiritual overtone through out the whole concert. I attribute this feeling to the fact that we were playing music for the first reason it was put on earth which was to worship God. It was like a homecoming for all these deferent styles of music that are played in deferent venues besides the church in which it was created for in the beginning. Playing on this concert was a true blessing as I had the chance to play in the pulpit without limitations. I felt like a minister delivering a sermon through music. As a Christian I believe that we were all first created to give God praise and this concert really helped to renew my mind with this concept. We all played for God that night and in return he blessed the audience members and us. Having such a great leader and musical genius like Darin Atwater at the forefront, who can present the music and communicate the history while linking it all back to the church, is exactly what is needed in order for these styles to be well received in church. This was a night where it all came together and I look forward to more experiences like this one.