Japan w/ Christian Mcbride and Inside Straight October 2011

by Tim Green

I’ve had the pleasure of going to Japan for a 2nd time with Christian McBride and Inside Straight this past week . The Band included myself – Alto and Soprano Sax , Christian McBride – Bass , Warren Wolf – Vibes , Christian Sands – Piano and Ulysses Owens on drums .

We really had a great time . The performances were swinging and full of allot of energy not to mention having a chance the hear Christian McBride play so much amazing stuff on bass every night as well as everyone else in the band just tearing it up . I thought about something while I was there . While having a conversation with a friend of mine about how I never got a chance to play with Art Blakey , Freddie Hubbard or just allot of the legends ….. then I realized that I’m actually getting that experience by playing with people like Christian , Mulgrew , Carl Allen . Larry Willis and all these legends that I get to play with . Anytime I’m playing in these situations i’ll learn something about Life and of course music . After this trip I found out that Christian was really into allot of the Milt Jackson and Ray Brown records so I downloaded allot of that music for my long 13 hour trip back to the states .
Speaking about listening ! I listened to a CD by Becca Stevens entitled ” Weightless” on my way to Japan and that Cd is really amazing . I love the way she sings these beautiful melodies through all of these different time signatures . The grooves , melodies , vibe , tunes and production on this Album is incredible . Go buy this album if you are in to great singing and musicality .